visionary women

Visionary women

Visionary Women is a photography project with an emphasis on social change in industry.

Using the photography exhibition as a visual backdrop, the project gives the public an opportunity to confront differences of opinion and begin to view older practices in the workplace as a starting point for change. The format is created by a careful selection of women in positions of power in industrial sectors where traditionally men have held the higher managerial roles.

The basis of the project is to help initiate a dialog with the younger generation and companies wanting to provide more gender equal conditions.​

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The photographs in the series, Art&Industria, do not merely document products themselves or the actual mechanics of the production line.

Rather, through an abstraction that captures the beauty inherent in objects, the photographs return a positive symbolic value to what might appear to be only mechanical and, as a result, pay homage to and promote the constructive, poetic and human aspect of industry.

Jill Mathis has developed a personal approach based on luminist contrasts with a purely pictorial feel that enables her to give body and soul to her industrial still lives.

Her photographs manage to emphasize the expressive character of the objects with her framing and the masterful use of ambient light…The work has a magical ability to bring to the fore an intensity of emotions.

Ivan Quaroni – Italian critic

works from 2008 - present