Parallel Text


One of the most interesting characteristics of our modern culture has been the intensive, almost compulsive collaboration between practitioners of the word and practitioners of the image.

We live in a world inundated with composite pictorial-verbal forms (films, television, social media) but we see the most sophisticated example of this collaboration in the world of art. Parallel Text is about this collaboration but it is more than just optical phraseology.

The fundamental ground finds its base in etymology and through the symbiotic fusion of words with images, the work becomes a semantic, syntactic, communicative effort that encodes messages, recounts history, expresses ideas and captures emotions.

works from 1996 – present

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The impetus for the rodeo photographs is to lead the viewer to have the same frame of mind that they use to read a poem as they do to read these photographs.

The challenge in recognizable although not necessarily imagistically well-explored subjects, such as the rodeo, is making viewers disregard most of the literal meanings in favor of visual poetry.                                                                                                            Tom Beck – Chief Curator of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery

“For me, the story is in the details. It is the fleeting freeze-frame moments of a scene that stay with us long after an event is over.”

works from 1993 - present